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Fun and Engaging Activities for Seniors Offered in Assisted Living

Senior woman posing for a photo


It might seem like there isn’t much going on during the winter months in assisted living communities, but there are actually a lot of fun activities that you and your elderly loved one can participate in together. Whether you want to do some group activities together like taking dance and cooking lessons or you want to spend some quality time together in the privacy of your elderly loved one’s living quarters, there’s no shortage of fun activities for seniors in assisted living communities.

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Engage in Family Activities

Oftentimes, assisted living for seniors can feel very lonely. Some seniors who only get infrequent visits from friends and family might feel isolated from their loved ones. Take the time to include your elderly loved one in family activities and get-togethers as much as possible, even if that means hosting events at their assisted living community or taking lots of videos and photos to share with them later on.

Join Social Activities Together

Some assisted living communities in Brampton offer a variety of classes that encourage seniors and their loved ones to socialize. From dance classes to cooking lessons, crafting, and learning how to crochet, the opportunities to pick up a new skill and make new friends, all while having fun, are endless! And you might be surprised at how much learning a new skill together can help you and your elderly loved one bond better.

Take Them out for Short Outings

Whether you’re just running errands together, going to get pampered, or having a nice meal together, sometimes your elderly loved one just wants to spend some quality time with you. Taking them out for a short outing can be a nice and much-needed change of scenery for your elderly loved one to help uplift their mood.

Bring Your Kids to Visit

Visiting with younger family members is another great way for your elderly loved one to form lasting relationships. After all, studies have shown that there are numerous physical and mental health benefits to spending time with young children for elderly people.

Listen to Music Together

Music has universal healing and therapeutic capabilities. Try listening to a range of music together, starting with beloved songs from your elderly loved one’s youth. It’s been proven that listening to music can improve mental functions and improve your elderly loved one’s spirit. Plus, music is another thing that you can enjoy together and bond over.

Need more ideas for fun activities for seniors in assisted living?

Bramalea Retirement Residence has a wide range of recreational classes, group activities, and interactive games to help keep your elderly loved one engaged and mentally sharp for as long as possible. Contact us today to book your tour of our community!