Senior woman with son

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4 Supportive Tips to Help Your Loved One Adjust to a Retirement Home

Senior woman with son

Let them know that you’re there for them

Regardless of your age, moving out of a beloved home is always an emotionally difficult endeavour. Seniors who have been living in their homes for a number of years have an especially hard time because they have so many precious memories from their time there. Birthday parties, anniversaries, dinners, and gatherings with friends and family are just a few examples of the types of occasions people host in their homes. Understandably, moving your elderly loved one into a retirement home when they’re no longer able to care for themselves is a lot harder than it may seem.
That’s why we’ve provided four useful tips to help make the transition a lot easier.

Choose a Retirement Residence That’s a Good Fit

If you’re looking for a retirement home in Brampton, then it’s important to do your research. Take all of your elderly loved one’s physical and emotional needs into account. Schedule a tour of the premises and, if possible, ask your elderly loved one to come with you. The more you include them in the decision-making process, the more comfortable they’ll be with the final choice.

Help Them Decorate Their New Accommodations

Adding personal touches like cherished photographs, art, and other decorative pieces to your elderly loved one’s new accommodations will make it easier for them to adjust to their surroundings. They’ll still be reminded of home while also being allowed to express their sense of style as they see fit and this will make them feel more comfortable in their new home.

Schedule Frequent Visits

Adjusting to new surroundings is hard for anyone, no matter how old they are. But it can be especially difficult for elderly adults who may suffer from dementia and other cognitive issues related to age. Seeing familiar faces on a regular basis is a great way to offset some of the emotional hardship they may be enduring. Take the time to schedule frequent and consistent visits to let them know that you still care.

Encourage Them to Participate in Activities

A lot of seniors living in retirement homes in Brampton enjoy taking up new activities or hobbies in their spare time. Activities like light exercise, dancing, Bingo, playing cards, and even knitting provide excellent social opportunities for seniors. Along with learning new skills from certified professionals, they can also get to know their neighbours in the process and share common interests. Plus, taking up new hobbies is also a great way to sharpen their mental capacity and can also extend their lifespan. It doesn’t just add years to their lives, but life to their years!

Bramalea Retirement Residence makes it easy for you to find a suitable assisted living accommodation for your elderly loved one while still allowing them to maintain their independence. Our staff is fully trained and committed to making our senior residents feel as welcome and comfortable as possible. From delicious gourmet meals prepared by top-of-the-line chefs to a slew of engaging activities to help keep your elderly loved one active, there’s a lot to see and do at Bramalea Retirement Residence. Contact us today to learn more.